Future Workplace 2040 - The Rise of Digiratis

January 23, 2017


Imagine a future world of work in 2040 where the next generation of knowledge workers - ‘digiratis’, are totally in control of where, how and when they work.

A new report, the Smart Workplace 2040, carried out by Global WorkPlace Solutions (GWS), describes a future day in the life of one of them, a digirati called Nina.


Born at the turn of the new millennium, Nina is a digital native, she has never known a world without the internet and has grown up in an environment shaped by advances in digital technology and driven by societal transformation that places a premium on individual well-being. Nina and other digiratis like her have high expectations around choice, experience and fluidity when it comes to work. She operates like today’s entrepreneurs, relying on collaboration with experts and she isn’t tied to any specific office. For Nina and millions of other digiratis, work is something she does, not a place that she commutes to. Nina lives in a smart home that adjusts light, temperature and ambiance according to her family’s bio-health indicators. Intelligent machines carry out household chores such as cleaning or ordering and preparing food to match the family’s daily nutritional requirements. Nina doesn’t commute to work, her patterns of work are radical compared with today, they aren’t fixed around a place or timetable and she has a variety of choices about where to work. Her work schedule is fluid: often it’s at home; sometimes it’s with co-workers on an Eco-Campus. When Nina wants to reward herself she can choose to visit a ‘Trophy Workplace’ where she can meet other digiratis to network in a highly experiential environment.


The Smart Workplace 2040 will be radically different and redefined by:

  • Time - adaptable, radical working patterns which will meet private needs and family constraints where there are no set hours for work, as long as the work is done. A typical day may include a blend of mobile productivity; virtual, holographic and face-to-face collaboration; offline time and quality time at home. Flexible contracts will be the norm. Radically dismantle the 9 to 5 model for a total flexible working approach to meet fluid annual targets and employees expectations.

  • Choice - workers will decide where and how they want to work. Through smart, connected home technology that automates household chores and analyses productivity, the home will become the main place of work. Future workers will also have a broad choice of alternative work venues.

  • Location - ‘Trophy Workplaces’ will be offered to workers seeking highly experiential environments to meet and network with other individuals, making visits to the “office” a luxury and a form of reward.

  • Entrepreneurship will be the norm - technology will enable access to a wide network of skilled entrepreneurs who will flourish in incubator like workspaces. Develop intuitive user interfaces to enhance user experiences: immersive solutions and services, technology based services.

  • Collaboration - will be a major driver of enterprise performance and will be a core competency for every employee. High levels of interaction will be supported by team workspaces that have in-built collaborative technologies such as interactive video conferencing, immersive collaboration rooms and holographic telepresence.

  • Services - human services which will be seen as a premium offering: support services will enhance the experience as users interact with their surroundings. For example, digiratis will receive coffee that is blended in accordance with mood, body temperature and blood pressure.

  • Wellness - digiratis’ wellness and well-being will be prioritized over work with more time devoted to healthy (sporting) activities and personal time. Provide health services in the workplace model or at close proximity to sustain the wellbeing of employees highly affected by “burn out” syndromes in 2040 and focused on their wellness, physical and mental health

  • Networks – Future employees will rely on an extremely broad network of subject matter experts to carry out their work. Tasks will be shared amongst this team of expert users to “crowdsource” product ideas and co-create new features.

There is no scientific methodology to clearly assess what the future holds, but there are ways we can anticipate the impact of major societal and technological transformations and evolutions in our world and measure the impact of these changes and developments on our industry. Technology will be ultra-predominant in every aspect of our daily lives. The predicted turmoil of change we are facing towards 2040, calls for a major transformation in our society, our lives, in organizations, as well as in the way we design and operate our shared workplaces.

We all do not know what our future brings but there is a no doubt that digitalization plays a major role.


Future workplace is changing the way of working. Digiratis - The Elite of Digital Coaching is supporting you in your Digital Transformation.


(Source/Link: Smart Workplace 2040 Report, Johnson Controls)

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